Das Leben ist wie eine Schachtel Pralinen

Forrest Gump meinte:

“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know you’re gonna get.”_

Andere Leute hätten das ein wenig anders gesagt, hier eine kleine Übersicht. Aber noch passender fand ich dieses Zitat:

“Life isn’t like a box of chocolates… it’s more like a jar of jalapeños. What you do today, might burn your ass tomorrow.”

Forrest Gump – Life is like a Box of chocolates…

Forrest Dahmer – People are like a box of chocolate, YUM!

Forrest Simpson – Mmmmm, chocolate…

Forrest the Hun – Chocolate all mine!

Forrest Simmons – Chocolate is bad! EXERCISE! EXERCISE!

Forrest Rivera – People who like Chocolate..Next on “Forrest”

Forrest Shakespeare – Chocolate, or no chocolate. That is the question

Forrest Of Borg – All chocolates must be assimilated

Forrest Presley – Hunk a hunk of milk chocolate

Forrest Zen – I am one with the chocolate

Forrest McClain – I used to be a box of Chocolates

Forrest Ventura – Chocolates…Alll-Riighty then…

Forrest Lauper – Girls just wanna have chocolate

Forrest Turner – What’s chocolate gotta do, gotta do with it?

Forrest Spock – Logically speaking, we are all chocolate

Forrest Scotty – The box…she’s breaking apart Capt’n

Forrest Rooney – Why is it that we are all chocolates?

Forrest Butler – Frankly Scarlett, I don’t like chocolate

Forrest O’Hara – Tomorrow, is another box of chocolates.

Forrest Lee – Fight with your inner chocolate

Forrest Doo – Roinks Raggy, Rocolates!

Forrest Pig – Life is a box of choc-choa-che..candy

Forrest Marx – That’s the weirdest box of chocolates I’ve ever seen….

Forrest Copperfield – POOF! The chocolates are gone!

Forrest X – We didn’t land in the box of chocolate The box of chocolate landed on us

Forrest Hitler – White Chocolates only!

Forrest Eastwood – Do you feel hungry,PUNK? Well…DO YOU?

Forrest Barney – I’m cream filled, You’re with nuts, We’re a box of chocoluts…

Forrest Adam and Eve – ADAM=Chocolates are forbidden EVE=Just eat one….

Forrest Moses – I command the chocolates to separate!

Forrest Noah – 2 creams, 2 nuts, 2 coconuts, 2 peanut butter…

Forrest Christ – Let he without sin, eat the first chocolate

Forrest On Phonics – Lief es lyk a boks uv chakolets

Forrest PsychicLine – Yes, I knew you were a chocolate

Forrest Alimony – The Box is mine!

The Forrest plague – Ewww..these Chocolates are bad

Forrest Andrews – The Hills are alive…like a box of chocolates

Forrest Vader – Luke…I am your chocolate

Forrest Yoda – There is a dark chocolate, and a light chocolate…

Forrest Obi 1 Kenobi – May the chocolate be with you

Forrest Trebeck – The answer: This is like a box of Chocolate (Contestant): What is Life?

Forrest Fudd – Wife is wike a box uv chocowates

Forrest Lincoln – Forescore and several chocolates ago…

Forrest Satan – Life is a box of melted chocolates

Forrest Bond – Life’s a box of exploding chocolate

Forrest Hall – Will you take the Box of Chocolates, or what’s behind DOOR NUMBER TWO?

Forrest Press Your Luck – Box of Chocolates! No Whammies…STOP!

Forrest of Fortune – LIFE I LIKE _ __X F CH_C_L_TE_

Forrest Popeye – I yam a box of Chocolets…yuk, yuk, yuk

Forrest Fife – This Box of Chocolates is a lethal weapon!

Forrest Reagan – Life is a box of um…..

Forrest Bush – This will not be another Box of Chocolates!

Forrest Limbaugh – Life may be a box of Chocolates… But the Democrats are all nuts…

Forrest Native Americans – These chocolates are moving to a smaller box..