PHP: a fractal of bad design?

Some really hate PHP:

PHP is the lone exception. Virtually every feature in PHP is broken somehow. The language, the framework, the ecosystem, are all just bad. And I can’t even point out any single damning thing, because the damage is so systemic. Every time I try to compile a list of PHP gripes, I get stuck in this depth-first search discovering more and more appalling trivia. (Hence, fractal.)

(PHP: a fractal of bad design on fuzzy notepad)

… and some love it …

  1. The language can be hosted almost anywhere. […]

  2. PHP has some nice underutilized features. […]

  3. […] there are now some nice frameworks being developed and well written articles being shared. […]

  4. PHP is well documented […]

  5. Developing with PHP is becoming a wide open field again. […]

(Why I Love PHP on Engineered Web)