World IPv6 Launch

Am heutigen 6. Juni haben einige namhafte Webseiten-Betreiber und Router-Hersteller geplant ihre Seiten/Produkte dauerhaft für IPv6 freizuschalten.

To ensure the Internet can continue to grow and connect billions more people and devices around the world, thousands of companies and millions of websites have now permanently enabled the next generation of Internet Protocol (IPv6) for their products and services. Participants in World IPv6 Launch include the four most visited websites in the world – Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Yahoo! – as well as home router manufacturers and Internet Service Providers in more than 100 countries. By making IPv6 the “new normal,” these companies are enabling millions of end users to enjoy its benefits without having to do anything themselves.

So langsam wird das mit IPv6 wirklich interessant, zumal es ja auch immer notwendiger wird…

(Da mach ich doch auch mal mit, auch wenn diese Site schon länger IPv6 kann…)