NodeDublin, Day 1

Karolina Szczur has all the notes, all the details, slides and links. And some nice photos!

Guinness Storehouse


  • Isaac Z. Schlueter, Escaping captivity – Node has small core, noisy community (slides)
  • Mikeal Rogers, Why is node successful? – Fucking robots!

Isaac Z. Schlueter

Real Time

  • Matthew Podwysocki, Don’t Cross the Streams – Node Streams
  • Owen Barnes, Building non-trivial web apps which use websockets as the primary means of communication – SocketStream
  • Daniel Shaw, and Realtime at scale – Observability, Logging, Metrics and Repl (slides)

Dominic Tarr


  • Paolo Fragomeni, Distributed Systems with Node.js – Example gossip implementation (slides, GitHub)
  • Dominic Tarr, Colouring with crayons and playing with Duplo blocksstream-punks, Duplex streams, without IO, commutative
  • SubStack, How to not write big apps – npm install, npm publish, http.createServer()


Full Stack Node

  • Max Ogden, Hand Crafted Artisanal JavaScript – How to start a company and use JS for everything (slides)
  • Joe McCann, Beyond modules – Using Node to build actual products (slides)
  • Romain Huet, Building a desktop for the CloudJolicloud

Guinness Storehouse

Optimization, Productivity, Scale

  • Felix Geisendörfer, Faster than C? Parsing binary data in JavaScriptnode-mysql and Benchmark Driven Development (slides)
  • Richard Rodger, How to write big apps – Complex business logic with seneca
  • Maciej Małecki, Strapping Turtles to Rockets is Harder Than You Think – benchmarks, DTrace

  • LogEntries Talk – Proactive Log Management, winstond, Domains, DTrace

Trad Party

  • Whiskey Tasting
  • Piping Recital: Jimmy O’Brien Moran

Whiskey Tasting

Piping Recital: Jimmy O'Brien Moran