NodeDublin, Day 2

Core Node

  • Ben Noordhuis, Libuv, the Little Library That Could – async network and I/O
  • Michael Starzinger, V8 The Cost of Performance – garbage collection, hidden classes, design principles
  • Max Bruning, Observing Node Performance with DTrace – (slides, examples)

Production at Scale

  • Mark Mayo, Browser ID – Mozilla’s identity system
  • Charlie McConnell, Dr. Devops, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Just Use More Node.js – “SmartOS is awesome”
  • Darrach Ennis, Data Distribution in the Cloud with Node.js – CEP with eep.js (slides)

Arrol Suite

Cool Stuff

  • Sara Chipps, Hackathon Strategies with Node – writing a blog in 15 minutes-ish
  • Chris Sanz, and doing cool stuff wit Node.js – Founder of
  • Tom Hall, Genetic Algorighms – Machine Learning with Node.js (slides)


  • Vidhya Gholkar, The Machines are Talking – Using Arduino for SMS-WebSocket-competition
  • Emily Rose, Something Cool – Smoke machine going crazy while trying to build an Arduino-powered disco.



Closing Talks

  • Jan Lehnardt, Community and Open Source, and the Node Community – “We’re all JavaScript people. The future is ours.
  • Rick Falkvinge, Decentralizing web, a vision for the future – “Authority is abandoned”

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